BTS and Seventeen Shows Uploaded at Overseas Korean Streamer KOCOWA+


BTS and Seventeen Shows Uploaded at Overseas Korean Streamer KOCOWA+

By Patrick Frater / May 6, 2024

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

New shows featuring top K-pop acts BTS and Seventeen will be uploaded to overseas Korean streaming platform KOCOWA+ following a deal between KOCOCWA’s parent company wA and Hybe Corporation.

The deal covers 18 shows featuring Hybe and kicks off in May with the first six travel show “Nana Tour with Seventeen,” stage performance shows like “Seventeen ‘Ode To You’ in Seoul,” and reality show “In the Soop Seventeen,” which follows the band on an R&R trip in the countryside. (The Korean word ‘soop’ translates as ‘forest’ in English). Another is “Seventeen in Carat Land,” which features the band meeting its adoring fan group Carat, and live performances. A further 12 shows featuring BTS and other Hybe acts will follow later.

“As the ultimate destination for Korean entertainment, K-Pop content is an extremely important part of our offerings to our passionate audience. Partnering with legendary Hybe and adding Seventeen and more BTS content to our slate is a natural fit. We are thrilled to be bringing more world-class entertainment to our fans!” said KunHee Park CEO/CPO.

KOCOWA+ is owned by wA, which describes itself as a global joint company between [Korean streamer] wavve, SK Square Americas and top Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, & SBS.

A subscription video streaming platform in the Americas, KOCOWA+ was launched in 2017, with primary audiences in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, the EU, U.K. and Oceania. It recently announced an expansin of its geographic coverage. It is now available on Amazon Prime, Google TV, Rakuten, Roku, Comcast Xfinity and other providers, depending on the territory.

These days KOCOWA+ has a lineup of over 50,000 hours of Korean dramas, movies, reality, and K-Pop content in multiple languages on its direct platform. Its music offering stretches across behind-the-scenes footage, artist-centered dramas, variety shows and reality TV and includes shows by Blackpink, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, New Jeans and Aespa.

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