KOCOWA+ Launches Fall Season with New Reality, SitCom, K-Drama, and True Crime Series, Along with Additional Classic Films, including Zombie Favorite Train to Busan

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KOCOWA+ Launches Fall Season with New Reality, SitCom, K-Drama, and True Crime Series, Along with Additional Classic Films, including Zombie Favorite Train to Busan

By Rhythm Zaveri / Sep, 2023

With the ongoing labor disputes casting shadows on Hollywood, audiences are turning to alternative streaming platforms for their entertainment fix. Leading the charge in offering a captivating alternative is , the premier Korean content streamer, stepping up to deliver an impressive 40,000-hour library and an exciting lineup of five new shows this month. KOCOWA+ is also expanding its collection with more timeless Korean films, including the internationally acclaimed zombie blockbuster, “Train to Busan.”

KOCOWA+ CEO KunHee Park expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming fall season, stating, “We’re thrilled to kick off our autumn lineup with a diverse array of new shows and films. Our film collection, in particular, showcases some of the most iconic and culturally significant Korean cinema, now accessible to a wider audience.”

K-Drama lovers can anticipate the “Live Your Own Life” premiere on September 16. This heartwarming show narrates the journey of Lee Hyo Shim, a benevolent soul breaking free from her overbearing family to pursue her own happiness. Starring the renowned singer and actress Uee, celebrated for her involvement with the popular South Korean girl group After School, as well as her remarkable roles in television dramas including “Queen Seon Deok,” “High Society,” “Marriage Contract,” “My Contracted Husband Mr. Oh,” and “My Only One.”

Continuing the streak is the debut of the romantic family dramedy “The Unpredictable Family,” set to captivate audiences starting September 18. The show delves into the story of a divorced couple, separated by bitterness three decades ago, who reunite as in-laws through their shared post-divorce offspring. The series navigates the path of rekindling relationships, overcoming long-standing conflicts, and healing old wounds. Starring the talented Nam Sang Ji, known for her captivating performances in K-Dramas like “Sisters-in-Law” and “Bravo, My Life,” as well as her roles in movies such as “Lucid Dream” and “Ashfall.”

KOCOWA+ boasts a staggering collection of over 12,000 hours of content for K-Pop enthusiasts, ensuring fans will need over a year of round-the-clock viewing to cover it all. Adding to this treasure trove is “Holiday Staff: iKON’s The DreamPing,” featuring the ever-popular boy band iKON. The show chronicles the members’ unexpected venture into running a glamping business in the scenic city of Yangyang, Gangwon-do. What they believe to be a vacation soon transforms into a bustling endeavor, brimming with laughter, challenges, and heartfelt moments as they strive to create the ultimate experience for their customers.

True Crime aficionados will be captivated by the gripping narrative of “NFS: National Forensic Service 2,” which premiered on September 3. The show offers an exclusive peek into Korea’s federal crime lab as they unravel the enigmatic circumstances surrounding suspicious deaths.

Adding to the excitement, K-Reality show “After Signal” made its debut on September 1. This follow-up to the beloved dating series “Heart Signal 4” (also available on KOCOWA+) provides a salacious yet intimate look into the lives of the show’s popular contestants as they navigate their relationships, offering viewers valuable and sometimes scathing insights into their personal journeys.

The cinematic front is not to be overlooked, with KOCOWA+’s film library continually expanding. Most notably, the instant classic zombie thriller “Train to Busan” joins the lineup. The film’s gripping tale of survival aboard a train journey from Seoul to Busan during a zombie outbreak garnered international acclaim after its Cannes premiere. The film, boasting a remarkable 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, smashed box office records worldwide.

Film enthusiasts can also indulge in the intriguing 2018 South Korean musical drama Swing Kids, featuring idol DO from EXO. The story is set against the backdrop of the Korean War and revolves around a North Korean soldier who discovers his passion for tap dancing after an encounter with an American officer and former Broadway star.

Moreover, the critically acclaimed fantasy action film “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days” invites viewers to accompany the three grim reapers on their journey guiding souls through underworld trials. A journey of memories unfolds as the God of the House recovers the grim reapers’ forgotten past.

Adding to the rich assortment is the chilling horror sensation “The Wailing,” a 2016 film that follows a determined police officer’s investigation into a series of baffling killings and illnesses plaguing a secluded village.

Enter the gripping world of the neo-noir thriller “The Man From Nowhere,” the highest-grossing Korean film of 2010. This captivating story revolves around a mysterious man’s violent mission to rescue the only person who truly understands him.

KOCOWA+, a collaborative venture between wavve Americas (wA), and top Korean broadcasters, including KBS, MBC, SBS, and SK Square Americas, has firmly established itself as the leading destination for diverse Korean content since its inception in 2017. Offering real-time programming straight after its Korean broadcast, KOCOWA+ stands as the ultimate platform for fans to indulge in the latest series, acclaimed library titles, and newfound gems that can only be discovered on KOCOWA+.

About wA and KOCOWA+:

wA is a global joint company between wavve, SK Square Americas, and the top Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, & SBS. wA launched KOCOWA+, a subscription video streaming platform in the Americas, in 2017, with primary audiences in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. KOCOWA+ provides a robust lineup of over 40,000 hours of Korean Dramas, Movies, Reality, and K-Pop content in multiple languages on its direct platform. For more information, please visit www.kocowa.com

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