K-Drama Fans Can Test Their ‘K-Q’ At KCON Booth Trivia Game


K-Drama Fans Can Test Their ‘K-Q’ At KCON Booth Trivia Game

By Joan MacDonald / Aug 17, 2023

Fans line up to see their favorites at KCON 2017, which took place at the LA Convention Center and this year returns to the same location. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

What’s your K-Q—which is to say, how much do you know about Korean drama? Too much? Not enough? K-drama fans attending LA’s KCON this weekend can test their K-Q by playing a fast-paced trivia game set up at the KOCOWA booth. It works like a game show complete with buzzing and is set in consoles for two to six players. The only way to prepare is to watch a lot of dramas, which can be pretty enjoyable. Already watch a lot of dramas? That’s a plus in this game.

In the K-Q trivia game contestants will face a monitor. Slowly, pixel by pixel, a picture of a famous k-drama scene or actor will begin to appear on the screen. As these images appear, clues will be given to the contestants. The first contestant/team to buzz in and identify the image on the screen gets a point. Teams with the most points can win collectible figurines, free subscriptions to the Korean content streamer, plus autographed cards and pamphlets from idols and actors.

Kim So-hye stars in the new KOCOWA drama ‘My Lovely Boxer.’

While fans visit the booth they can also check out information about new k-dramas such as My Lovely Boxer, as well as clips from anticipated shows such as NCT Universe: LASTART and the latest season of EXO’s Travel The World On A Ladder. The booth will also feature information about fan favorites such as Weightlifting Fairy, ExtraOrdinary You, Taxi Driver, Dr. Romantic, Bad Prosecutor as well as reality and k-pop programs on a giant viewing screen. There will be popcorn for snacking.

For the festival KOCOWA teamed up with KOCCA—the Korea Creative Content Agency, a South Korean governmental agency promoting the advancement of the Korean content industry—and with KIIS-FM, which is doing a pop-up village outside the center.

“We are excited to be back at this year’s KCON with KOCOWA+ to meet and engage with these diehard K-content fans,” said Sungho Ju, director of KOCCA USA. “ We will continue to support the Korean content industry so that more audiences worldwide will have a chance to be introduced to and fall in love with the Korean culture and content.”

KOCOWA was launched by wA, a global joint company between wavve, SK Square Americas and the Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, & SBS. The subscription video streaming platform began offering Korean content in the US in 2017.

KCON, an international festival that celebrates Korean culture and music, was first launched in LA in 2012. This year’s festival runs from Aug. 18 to 20. Attendance has grown steadily along with the growing popularity of k-media. Two years later 42,000 fans attended. In 2022 the LA KCON drew 90,000 fans.

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