Korea Content Platform Builds Global Media Brand with Dalet Flex


Korea Content Platform Builds Global Media Brand with Dalet Flex

This user report explains how KCP’s KOCOWA used Dalet Flex to build a successful global streaming service

By Justine (Napoles) McKay / Oct 05, 2021

A Korea Content Platform operator uses Dalet Flex for content preparation. (Image credit: Dalet)

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, the Korea Content Platform, Inc. (KCP) is a joint venture among Korea’s three major broadcast networks: KBS, MBC and SBS. In 2016, KCP launched KOCOWA, a cloud-based streaming service offering one of the largest collections of Korean produced entertainment including over 17,000 hours of K-Pop, K-Variety, and K-Dramas for the Americas.


An impressive lineup of current hits, including “The Veil,” “The Penthouse 3,” “Running Man,” “Home Alone,” and “Police University” are available on KOCOWA as quickly as six hours after the Korean broadcast. To ensure a premium experience, which includes high-quality subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish, KCP built a CMS based on the media logistics and metadata management capabilities of the Dalet Flex system. 




Dalet Flex allowed us to expand globally, supporting remote collaboration across our U.S. South Korea and Brazil offices. The media logistics capabilities enable a seamless exchange of content and metadata, automating many nuances of working across geographies and languages. Using the configurable APIs, we can create and manage an ecosystem with complex media workflows that meet our B2C and B2B requirements, including rapid content delivery with first-class metadata and subtitles which cut down overall costs of operation.

Our marketing team uses Dalet Flex to easily access fan favorite content and share it across the KOCOWA social media channels. Without the constant stream of content, we would have never been able to accrue such a large social media following of more than nine million followers. Today, our YouTube channel has more than six million subscribers and our Facebook page has more than two million followers. 




KCP social followers are very vocal and thrive on the constant insider access to all our premium content. And because the social media channels are so active, we can gauge the popularity of our content and use Dalet Flex to curate our B2C and B2B product packages accordingly. 


For example, social media followers in Brazil have repeatedly asked for classic episodes of “Master in the House” starring Cha Eun-woo to be subtitled in Portuguese. We were quickly able to curate and localize the first seven episodes of when Cha Eun-woo first joined the show to celebrate the Second Anniversary of KOCOWA Brazil with the help of Dalet Flex.


It has been a great experience working with Dalet, not only for their system capabilities, but also for their customer care.


More information on the Korea Content Platform can be found at https://corp.kocowa.com


For more information on Dalet Flex, visit www.dalet.com or call 212-269-6700. 


Justine (Napoles) McKay is Product Marketing Manager and Team Leader at KCP, where she manages an international team of eight employees and contractors based across the USA, Brazil, and South Korea. McKay directs the B2C and B2B marketing strategy for KCP, and also oversees all of the KOCOWA social channels with over nine million followers. She can be contacted at justine.mckay@kocowa.com.

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