7 of the best reality shows from around the world


7 of the best reality shows from around the world



Some of the most bingeable reality shows aren’t in English.


Scripted shows are great, but sometimes you just want to binge some good reality TV. Long-running reality television series such as The BachelorSurvivor, and Say Yes to the Dress are popular options for scratching that unscripted drama itch, with all of them easy to flick on and devour. However, if you’re looking for a change of pace, consider casting your hungry eyes farther afield — like across an ocean.

Reality TV shows are deliciously addictive regardless of where they’re from, but different countries’ fresh approaches can make familiar formulas exciting and new. There’s also a ton of engrossing reality formats that haven’t yet found popularity in the U.S., offering a whole new world of engaging unscripted television to explore.

From cooking competitions to dating shows to wholesome everyday life, here are some of the best reality series from around the world.



6. South Korea: The Return of Superman (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다)

The Return of Superman is possibly the most wholesome reality show in existence, and that includes a British series about rescue dogs finding their forever homes. The premise is simple: Celebrity fathers care for their children for two days without any help, while their wives leave to enjoy some time off. These Supermen aren’t neglectful parents forced to look after their own kids for the first time, though. The dads are loving, hands-on parents taking their children on fun outings, and giving us a peek into their family life.

Watching these caring fathers play with, teach, and comfort their children is like soaking your soul in sunshine. The kids are adorable as well, innocently exploring the world and unintentionally making their dads’ lives more difficult by doing things like washing his keyboard in the sink to help him clean.

The Return of Superman is the kind of funny, feel-good, gently uplifting show that everyone needs now and then. It’s absolutely bursting with love, and will leave you happy for the rest of the day.

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