KOCOWA is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!

Justine McKay
Korea Content Platform, Inc. (KCP)


KOCOWA is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!


The streaming platform KOCOWA is the ultimate destination for Korean Entertainment across the Americas, including the United States.


LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2020 – Korea Content Platform, Inc. (KCP) is celebrating its 3rd anniversary launch of its subscription streaming service, KOCOWA, which houses the most popular Korean television programs on-demand to the Americas. For the first time, KOCOWA is offering a 15% discount on annual subscriptions to all new and returning web subscribers from July 17 – July 24 (discount code: HBDKOCOWA3).

With over 10 thousand hours of programing and new episodes uploaded daily, KOCOWA has the largest library of Korean TV. Tent-pole hits like ‘Home Alone,’ ‘Stove League,’ ‘Coffee Prince,’ and ‘Running Man’ provide endless entertainment options to 2 million registered viewers. KOCOWA programs are all delivered within 6 hours of their original airtime in Korea and always come with multi-language subtitles.

‘The last three years have shown us that there is a strong demand for Korean television outside of the Korean community,’ said KCP CEO, KunHee Park. ’KOCOWA will continue to meet the growing international need for Korean dramas, reality shows, and K-pop.’

KOCOWA provides its service almost everywhere across the United States and across the Americas with its direct-to-consumer offering and strategic distribution partnerships with Android TV, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Xumo. These distribution channels reach both highly engaged Gen-Zs and Millennials, as well as a broader adult audience. 90% of their subscribers are of non-Korean descent, making the content sought after outside of Korea. Roughly 85% of subscribers are below the age of 40.

KOCOWA has garnered 5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 7 million followers on its social media accounts. As interest grows, KOCOWA will continue to provide seasoned and new fans alike with the best in Korean entertainment.

About KCP and KOCOWA

The Korea Content Platform, Inc. (KCP) is a joint venture between the top three television broadcasters in Korea (KBS, MBC, and SBS). KCP launched KOCOWA, a leading subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service to the Americas, and with the biggest audiences in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. KOCOWA provides the most robust lineup of Korean Drama, Reality, and K-Pop content in multi-languages and on multiple devices. For more information: www.kcpglob.com & www.kocowa.com